fotofilip-hl-graceinteriorportraits-2851.jpgThis is a story from a few months ago, he is still a problem, and he has gotten to me way more than he should.  This is the first incident of several.

I met a security guard at a bar downtown. He was attractive and muscular. I didn’t think anything of it when I first walked in with my friend, but when we sat down, I noticed that the staff of the bar were all wearing onesies… turned around, and the security guard was wearing a onesie also. I asked my friend if he had been wearing it when we walked in and how in the world he had time to do a quick change? She agreed that he had not, so I walked over to him and said, “Were you wearing that when we walked in?” and he said yes, but explained that it had not been pulled up, and he took the top half off to demonstrate how the sleeves had been tied around his waist.  When he ‘stripped’ I noticed his tattoos on his entirely sleeved right arm. Naturally I found this attractive and I was ogling his ink. Some of the patrons mocked the fact that I was feeling him up and obviously flirting with him. I told him I was going to go join my friends and enjoy my drink.

I proceeded to stare from my barstool and my friend was very encouraging about how I ought to go talk to him. I laughed it off saying he probably gets hit on by dozens of women on the regular. Then I realized I was curious, so I walked over to him again, this time with my drink, no reason to walk away now.

It’s also worth noting this was around 2:30 in the morning so the bar was pretty deserted. He told me that lots of women flirt with him but it doesn’t matter because he’s a good boy and he has a girlfriend. I was clearly disappointed. Then he tells me that he does fool around a little bit though and that he’s got two friends that he’s slept with since dating this girl. After a little while I told him I was attracted to him and he called me out for staring from my barstool, “I know, I saw you eye fucking me from over there.” Then he asked me if I wanted to make out.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the cavalier way he admitted that he messes around on his girlfriend, but I didn’t care that he was taken. I let him bring me outside and we proceeded to kiss. A lot. He pulled away, told me “that was nice.” We exchanged snapchat names, because snapchat doesn’t have receipts; and I said “I should get back inside to my friends.” and he said “No, you should kiss me again.” He slid his arm around my waist and pulled me back into him. We kissed again. He then told me he likes what I do with my tongue. (I had never had a direct compliment about my kissing before). Inside, I was talking to my two friends and I don’t remember why, but not long after I was back with him. The bar was close to closing. I know that at one point we were kissing inside of the bar. My friends were making out, so he kept me company because… awkward. Before I left, we kissed again, this time he slid his hand between my legs. I remember moaning a tiny bit before that happened so maybe my moan was a signal to him that I was ready to go. He told me he had to go home to his girl. I told him to stay out with me. He did not.

Over the next few days we exchanged some pretty hot messages on snapchat, including me sending my very first nude pic to a man. Nude = exposed chest, I didn’t take a full nude, I never had. This was the beginning of a very complicated… situation that I will talk more about in later posts.


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