I had an idea, I guess over the summer, when I managed to go on two first dates with two different men, in two days, that I should start blogging about my dating experiences.
While lately the dates aren’t so much dates as they are one night stands, I think that I would still like to write about it.  I feel like it is important to keep at least a modicum of anonymity. This will allow me to be more candid and detailed about my experiences but also will protect the privacy of dates/hook ups? What do you call them? So all you need to know is that my exploits take place in New York City, and that I’m a 34 year old single white woman. The original idea had been “50 First Dates” and that I would write about my first dates with a variety of men, assuming that there would never be second dates… I don’t know how much I want to date or hook up with 50 men, and thankfully I didn’t give myself a time limit, but I’ve got about 8- tomorrow will be 9 different men or experiences to write about, so at least I’ve got some content to get this started.
The blog is called “Sexperiment” because I have definitely been experimenting, pushing myself, and trying things I hadn’t tried before. We’ll see how interesting or not the blog is, I kind of hope it will at least eventually live up to its title.

So, about me:  I’m about to be 34 years old. I’m a single, white female living in New York City. Actually New York City now. I have been in New York since 2008, but I started in Long Island, and spent about 6 years living in Queens.  But as of 2017, I live in New York City. How thrilling? I’m still no Carrie Bradshaw, the obvious quintessential single woman in NYC. I don’t think that anyone can ever actually compare to Carrie Bradshaw, but she is the model to whom I compare all things in my life.  Living on the Upper East Side in that gorgeous apartment for $750/month was the most unrealistic thing about that show.  The slew of absurd parties and eligible, attractive bachelors vying for Carrie (and her friends’) attention, was not as unrealistic as her living situation. I did luck out on my current apartment though. I am living in a 4-bedroom, but it’s lovely and my roommates are a dream come true, so I cannot complain.  Back to my point, I am a 34 year old woman who is going to the “lady doctor” for the first time this afternoon.  How have I lived 34 years without ever having gone to an OBGYN? I don’t know, to be honest. I lived with my father during my formative years, so my mom never was like “it’s that time…” I also wasn’t sexually active until I was 19… and then I went through quite a dry spell.  Don’t get me wrong, there were instances here and there. Random hook ups, but I actually hadn’t had penetrative sex in over ten years (before this year). So it was just never something that was prudent.  I knew my plumbing worked, my cycle has never been out of whack, there were no potential diseases being acquired… I’ve never even had a yeast infection.  I was also recently screened for cancer, so I know that there’s nothing WRONG down there. But I have recently become more sexually active and I feel like it’s time to talk to a doctor. Let’s get on this birth control kick, and maybe get tested since that’s a service they offer… and may as well get a check up so a doctor can say, “You’re right, your vagina is perfect, good for you!” So here we go. Welcome. Enjoy.



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